Journal of the Institute for Second Language Development

Journal of the Institute for Second Language Development




March 2006
Gender and Academic Performance in English Communication Courses
July 2007
A Case Study Of A Japanese Learner In The UK
September 2007
Course Blogs for Overseas Study Preparation: A Survey of Student Opinions
September 2007
An Emerging Japanese English
February 2009
Observations on One Japanese University's General English Program
December 2013
Incentivization and In-class Participation in the Japanese University English Language Classroom

The Institute for Second Language Development was founded in 2005. Its aim is to promote the teaching of English as a foreign language (TEFL) and/or the teaching of English as a second language (TESL) by publishing scholarly articles concerning education in these fields.

The Institute is interested in both the theory and practice of TEFL/TESL education. It does not, however, publish lesson plans, class materials such as supplements or handouts or any other related non-academic material. The Journal of the Institute for Second Language Development (JISLD) is intended as a forum for the distribution of appropriately academic information in the fields of TEFL and TESL among scholars and researchers.

The Institute is looking for scholars and academics who are interested in submitting articles to be published in its journal.

Submissions Policy

Parties interested in submitting an article to the Journal of the Institute for Second Language Development (hereinafter JISLD) should read the following carefully:

1. Subject Matter
JISLD will publish only those articles related to the teaching of second or foreign languages. These articles may be of a theoretical, scholarly or practical (of use in the classroom) nature. The editors' reserve the right to refuse publication of any article deemed outside this subject matter and this judgment will be made solely at their discretion.
2. Style

JISLD will publish only papers written in English. The papers must include citations in either the MLA or APA format. Grammar and/or spelling mistake(s) will disqualify a paper from publication and should be eliminated prior to submission. These judgments will be made solely at the editors’ discretion.

3. Title Page

The first page of your submission should be a title page which should include the title of the article, your name, any academic degrees you have earned or are in the process of earning and the affiliated institution(s), your present position and affiliated institution, your email address, and the date of submission. The editors' reserve the right to verify the accuracy of this information and to reject any submission for inaccuracy.

4. Manner of Submission

Articles should be submitted as attached MS Word files to an email. The email should be sent to jisld[at] The subject of your email should be submission-your last name.

5. Fees

There is a two-tier fee system for submissions to JISLD. The first tier is an initial review fee of 25USD. This fee is absolutely non-refundable whether your article is accepted, requires further editing, or is rejected outright. You will be notified by email within 4-6 weeks as to the status of your article. Those whose articles are rejected outright will not be provided with specific reasons for their rejections. If you are asked to do further editing, you will be given only general guideline(s) for doing so and you will not be provided with a description of your errors. Only one opportunity will be given to edit your article to make it acceptable to the editors. Once, or if, your submission is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay a publication fee of 125USD.

6. Methods of Payment

Either Paypal, International Postal Money Order or Bank Check.

** JISLD is a non-commercial, educational journal and all fees are used for the maintenance and upkeep of the online publications.

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